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Terms and Conditions
1.ARRIVAL: Your car will arrive at the appointed time unless we are unable to do so due to circumstances beyond our control. In any case the company shall notify the booker as soon as possible.

2.AUTHORITY: The driver is authorised by us to stop the car and ask any passengers to leave the vehicle if, in his opinion, they are acting contrary to our conditions of service in any way. Passengers must not distract or encourage or harass the driver into breaking the law or any of these conditions.

3. DAMAGE: Any malicious damage or deliberate breakages or carelessness resulting in damage to the vehicle will be charged directly to the person who placed the booking.

4. SOILING: Any passenger causing excessive soiling inside the vehicle will be charged for valeting of the vehicle. Excessive soiling is when the car is unusable for the next client and cannot be easily rectified by the driver with equipment provided in the vehicle.

5. LICENSING/INSURANCE: We will not carry more passengers than our insurance allows.

6. SMOKING: We have a NON-smoking policy for all our cars in line with health and safety legislation. Smoking in the cars is not permitted and will not be tolerated. In such circumstances, the driver has the authority to ask passengers to leave the vehicle.

7. FOOD/DRINK: We also have a NON-food/drink policy for all our cars. Again, In such circumstances, the driver has the authority to ask passengers leave the vehicle.

8.SUBSTITUTION: We reserve the right to substitute any car in the event of a breakdown prior to any booking. We will endeavour to supply a vehicle of equal quality, if this is not possible we will make an adjustment to the price accordingly. If the car should breakdown during your journey the driver will contact us to arrange a car/cars to get you to your destination as soon as practical. Be assured your safety, comfort and punctuality is our topmost priority

9.BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Your booking is not secured until you receive confirmation. This will by letter, fax or E mail. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and inform us of any errors. We will endeavour to check all details, including pick-up, drop-off and journey times etc. given to us. Celebrations cannot be responsible for any errors, cancellations, road works, traffic-jams or timetable or schedule changes which result in loss or delay to our customers or passengers.

10.DEPARTURE TIMES: We will recommend departure and journey times to be allowed for after making allowances for the day of travel and times. Celebrations cannot be responsible for clients insistence for any variation to the recommended times or delay to agreed pick-up time, which may result in missed your special event start times or any other loss. Any delay during a journey caused by the passenger is solely at their own risk and responsibility. The driver must not be asked to speed or drive recklessly to make up time.

11.QUOTES: A Quote can be verbal, in writing or by E-mail and will be based on information supplied by our customer. The quote will be considered as binding by Celebrations subject to these terms and will be valid for 1 Month. Any change to the arrangements could render the quote invalid. In such circumstances, Celebrations reserve the right to re-quote on any change to an agreed itinerary.

12.CHANGES WHILST IN TRANSIT: Requested changes, including requests to carry luggage, at the time of travel may be subject to an additional charge up to and not more than our standard charge of £50, payable on completion of your journey. Any such changes will need to be agreed with Celebrations and not the vehicle driver.

13.LIABILITY: Every effort will be made to get you to your destination on time, but we are not liable for any loss due to delays caused by traffic jams, road works, road closures, diversions, extreme weather conditions, collisions caused by other parties, mechanical breakdown or terrorist attacks on the journey. Celebrations may cancel all services and refund in the event of a declared national emergency, riot, war, fuel shortage, extreme weather, nuclear explosion or leakage and terrorist attack. In the unfortunate event of mechanical breakdown, taxi fares will be fully re-imbursed and the cost of hire for the vehicle either fully or partly refunded, depending on circumstances.

14.TERMINATION: Celebrations reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking if it is felt to be not genuine or places any driver or vehicle at risk of damage or abuse by the client or by persons (connected or not connected with the client) in the vicinity of any location during the hire. The vehicle will leave the vicinity of any disturbance whether the client is present or not and only return when safe to do so. Celebrations reserve the right to terminate the agreed arrangement with immediately effect and ask the client to vacate its vehicle (when safe to do so) if at the driver's discretion, the client commits any act which threatens the safety of the vehicle or any of its occupants. There will be no refund if part way through the journey or a later return journey is unused. A passenger will be refused entry to any of our vehicles if the driver suspects drug, alcohol or solvent abuse prior to or during the journey.

15.PAYMENT: We reserve the right to ask for full payment of the agreed amount at the time of booking. These can be made by postal order, cash or cheque (which must be cleared by the time of travel). Where a standard booking deposit of �50 per car is agreed, the balance owing is to be paid in advance of traveling. For very short notice bookings from persons unknown only payment by cash to the driver beforehand will be accepted. Booking confirmation will be sent once payment has been received.

16.CANCELLATION: Once confirmed, if you decide not to proceed with your booking, you need to notify us at least 1 month prior to the date of travel. Payments are refundable however this is always at the discretion of Celebrations. Wedding deposits are excluded and are non refundable.

17.CAPACITIES: The number of persons the hire vehicle can carry will be advised at the time of booking and we cannot guarantee to carry all other associated items e.g. luggage, personal possessions. These must need to be notified to us at the time of booking to avoid unnecessary delay or additional cost at time of travel.

18.JURISTICTION: The conditions set out above and all other expressed Terms of Contract, shall be governed & are construed in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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